An algorithm for suffix stripping...

Years ago when I programmed networking applications in Perl, I decided I had mastered regular expressions. I hadn't, of course, but when your code looks like you accidentally opened up a .dll in notepad, you have to believe in something.

Anyway, I wrote something called a vector space search engine (a topic I will probably cover down the road) and because I thought I was cool, I also tried my hand at a stemming algorithm--Porter's Stemming Algorithm to be precise. Basically, it takes words and strips suffixes, thus reducing a word to its stem. This way, when you search for restorative it will come up with some of the same results as if you had searched for restored. Long story short, my algorithm sucked and now I'm back for round two--this time in JavaScript (so I can eventually use Node.js as my vector space search engine platform).

Here's a basic demo I put together:

There are a couple things to note. Firstly, the demo shows exactly which steps are changing the word. If you read the paper, you'll know what I mean. Secondly, I've included a dictionary of about 25,000 words. It runs these words through the stemmer and compares them to already verified results, thereby assuring you that my algorithm really works :).

If you're interested in the source, head over to github.

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