Itsy Examples

Click on the canvases to start + stop each particle emitter. You should probably stop each particle emitter rather than running all three at once. 🙂 new thegoldenmule.particle.ParticleEmitter([ new thegoldenmule.particle.Acceleration(0, -0.09), new thegoldenmule.particle.Velocity(3 * Math.PI / 4, 5 * Math.PI / 4, 1, 1), new thegoldenmule.particle.Position(0, 0, 10), new thegoldenmule.particle.Lifetime(1000, 2000), new thegoldenmule.particle.EmissionRateFade(50, 0, 100), […]


A coming of age story

There comes a time in every man's life where he decides to write a 175 page novel in under a month. For thegoldenmule, that time is here. Yes, the blog has been locked away in the rearward facing child's car-seat and NaNoWriMo has assumed the coveted mantle of shotgun. I've made it to day 14 so far […]


Just driving though

"I couldn't tell you where that is," said the old stranger. "I only know how to get there." Something about this old man made me want to know what he'd been through. If I could grab ahold and shake his face out like a rug, I think I'd see little bits of history and fiction, […]