SOSTrace -- now in JS!

It was brought to my attention by a comment in a previous article that my HaXe trace target should be platform agnostic (I think that's the right term). In particular, he wanted a trace target for JS and PHP. Well I'm happy to report it took about 5 minutes to add JS support! PHP will have […]


After we'd lost our way

It was here before I was born--before any of us were born, and no one knew exactly what it was. The priests were raised to maintain it. They were each assigned modules to look after, memorizing line by line millions of bytes of letters and punctuation. The priests understood little but the people even less. […]


Targeting SOSmax in HaXe

As boring as the title sounds (and it does sound boring), it's a worthwhile investment to get a good logging solution going on whatever platform you're developing on. I've been playing around with haXe lately and I discovered its trace() function to be severely lacking--that is, until I actually read the documentation (I'm a man, we […]