Earthican Shader

In my previous post, I described a process for generating terrain on a spherical mesh. As the screenshot showed, the algorithm worked pretty well to give you a lumpy looking planet or asteroid. But– what if you want it to look like Earth? Green continents, blue water? You know the Earth I’m talking about. Well here’s […]


Geosphere: Revisited

Update: At long last, the SO answer has been found! Added a link. Lately I’ve been shrinking my goals so that I can actually reach them. I mean, I’d rather have fifty small projects that have all been completed than ten large ones that haven’t (you wouldn’t believe how many things I have 90% completed […]


Away3D 4.0-beta

I’ve been fooling around with the Away3d 4.0-beta lately (for FP11!). I wrote a quick demo–it’s using Box2D on the XZ plane, and I’m faking the Y physics. Try it out! Arrow Keys move. Spacebar shoots. Enter jumps. If you time it right, you can jump over the wall! Link here.