Why quaternions?

We can represent 3D rotations in a variety of ways, arguably the most useful of which is the matrix. In three dimensional space, a 4×4 matrix usually defines the world transform of an object, because it can contain lots of information: translations, rotations, scale, and lots more. But when we’re talking simply about rotations, there’s […]


Away3D 4.0-beta

I’ve been fooling around with the Away3d 4.0-beta lately (for FP11!). I wrote a quick demo–it’s using Box2D on the XZ plane, and I’m faking the Y physics. Try it out! Arrow Keys move. Spacebar shoots. Enter jumps. If you time it right, you can jump over the wall! Link here.


QuickPost: Faking gravity

Very recently, I needed an object to shoot into the air and fall realistically, but I didn’t want to import a tweening library or a physics engine. What I needed was some sort of parametric equation that would act like gravity… What would this mysterious equation be… Oh, that’s right, Newton’s equation of motion for constant […]