The Coder's Tale

I remember the days long ago when a classmate derided me for not knowing HTML.

"You've never heard of the <marquee> tag?!"

It hurt deeper than words. Deeper even than the scrolling, blinking words hemmed in by obnoxious GIFs on his Angelfire homepage. I felt physically ill when I found his links changed color on rollover...

Those words, those images--they haunt me even now.

I lay awake at night thinking to myself, "I can make tableless web pages..."

I scream at the heavens, "I can make pure CSS icons!"

I curl into the fetal position, reflecting on my own mortality, "I've written a multiplayer game in HTML5 and Electroserver..."

But it doesn't matter. Not anymore. With a lone marquee tag he beat me all those years ago...

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