Discourse on how far the Apple falls from the tree

Now I’m no English prude (I’m glad I have spell check as at first I typed out “grammer prude”), but Apple has done something that ruffles my grammatical feathers. They have used their fancy paints and their odd angles to slip something in under the lexical radar without so much as a blip. The New York Times, The Sun, The Wall Street Journal–these giants of industry have not noticed–but no worry! Thegoldenmule has.

Apple, who knows how, probably just because their products are generally cool looking, has added an addendum to the English language:

The first letter of proper nouns should always be capitalized.*

* Unless the noun is an Apple product, then the second letter should be capitalized. Eg. – Do you have this awesome app on your iPhone?

This does not bode well for us. If Objective-C is any indication, the English language is headed for some rough waters.