A coming of age story

There comes a time in every man's life where he decides to write a 175 page novel in under a month. For thegoldenmule, that time is here.

Yes, the blog has been locked away in the rearward facing child's car-seat and NaNoWriMo has assumed the coveted mantle of shotgun. I've made it to day 14 so far (about 22k words), which means that in a large enough font, printed on one of those fancy printers where the paper is all connecty, my novel would stretch to the moon and back. Nine times.

It also means that in lieu of the normal daily rituals or even the occasional fancies (like this blog-orythmic cornucopia), I write. I hope that in a mere sixteen days I will return from the lexical hunt, victorious; and possibly with an oversized book strapped to the hood of my car.

Until then, wish me luck. Next time you hear from me, I will have penned in "novelist" on all my business cards.

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