Reading Roundup

Loyal followers! I’m not dead! In fact I’ve been working away on a few cool projects, but I’m not quite ready to divulge. Anyway, I thought I would post about a few different resources I’ve been reading through lately:   A Conversation with Anders Hejlsberg You have to read every word. Seriously, stop reading this […]


Itsy Updates (plus a bonus tutorial)!

I’ve been working on Itsy lately, because, let’s be honest, my fire demo was only marginally cool. Now, however, even people who aren’t my mom may tell me it looks cool! Check out my new fire: [iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”400″ width=”400] Now that’s an improvement. On to the bonus tutorial. [WARNING: Bonus content ahead.] In […]


Itsy Examples

Click on the canvases to start + stop each particle emitter. You should probably stop each particle emitter rather than running all three at once. 🙂 new thegoldenmule.particle.ParticleEmitter([ new thegoldenmule.particle.Acceleration(0, -0.09), new thegoldenmule.particle.Velocity(3 * Math.PI / 4, 5 * Math.PI / 4, 1, 1), new thegoldenmule.particle.Position(0, 0, 10), new thegoldenmule.particle.Lifetime(1000, 2000), new thegoldenmule.particle.EmissionRateFade(50, 0, 100), […]