Reading Roundup

Loyal followers! I’m not dead! In fact I’ve been working away on a few cool projects, but I’m not quite ready to divulge. Anyway, I thought I would post about a few different resources I’ve been reading through lately:


A Conversation with Anders Hejlsberg

You have to read every word. Seriously, stop reading this stupid blog and click that link. This is an incredible eight part interview with the creator of C# (and now, TypeScript). In this interview, Anders gives his vision of C#: what it is, why it exists, and why certain design choices were made.

The Effective Engineer’s Handbook

This article is another incredible read. I’m not sure how, but Akhamechet distills down years of engineering experience into a short article on what makes a good engineer. This is actually a pretty challenging read– you might discover you’re not so hot.

The Nature of Lisp

Another great article by¬†Akhamechet. It’s old, but I rather enjoyed it. He attempts to explain Lisp by starting with XML and the popular Java build tool, Ant. From there, Akhamechet describes with clarity the problems that Lisp attempts to solve. It’s a fascinating read, but I admit, I haven’t yet written any Lisp.

How to Write Portable WebGL

I’m not sure who Florian Boesch is (or how to pronounce his name), but he’s got an excellent write-up on many of the obscurities of WebGL. Give it a read!

JavaScript Patterns

I know, I know, more JS, right? As much as I want to hate it, it’s pretty dang fun. This website describes in detail many of the more useful JavaScript patterns. I guarantee you wouldn’t have thought of half of them.