Turns out, thegoldenmule plays drums

About a year ago I recorded an EP with a Christian band I played with in college. I've done a couple of live LPs, but they have certainly never had the quality of this studio recording. Anyway, it's finally back from all that finalizing and mastering nonsense! Give a listen or download below! These were all written by Chase Carlisle, so all rights reserved--nah just kidding, do what you want with them.

  • [wpaudio url="https://thegoldenmule.com/media/wma/track1.mp3" text="Chase Carlisle - Everlasting"]
  • [wpaudio url="https://thegoldenmule.com/media/wma/track2.mp3" text="Chase Carlisle - We Cry Holy"]
  • [wpaudio url="https://thegoldenmule.com/media/wma/track3.mp3" text="Chase Carlisle - How Great"]
  • [wpaudio url="https://thegoldenmule.com/media/wma/track4.mp3" text="Chase Carlisle - Bless the Lord"]
  • [wpaudio url="https://thegoldenmule.com/media/wma/track5.mp3" text="Chase Carlisle - God of Ages"]
  • [wpaudio url="https://thegoldenmule.com/media/wma/track6.mp3" text="Chase Carlisle - Holy God"]
  • [wpaudio url="https://thegoldenmule.com/media/wma/track7.mp3" text="Chase Carlisle - Testimony"]

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