18 Nov 2014
10 Oct 2014
19 Sep 2014

Scene Graph Traversal


For some reason, Unity has made it a chore to work with their scene graph.

There are loads of problems with it: there's no root so you can't actually traverse the whole scene without using tags, there is a terrible traversal API (IEnumerator or GetChild(int)), you can't add and remove objects from the scene graph, in code it's difficult to tell whether or not a GameObject is a prefab or an instance, there's no central management of the scene, the Transform-GameObject relationship is simply weird as there is a 1-1 relationship but only one of them allows graph traversals-- the list goes on and on.


17 Sep 2014

The IBM 360

I look back on all that turbulence and think, "What exciting times!" Then I realize: I could've gone into engineering in any age and the story would've been the same. It wasn't the times at all. Rather, that's what science and technology are all about. Go into those areas, and you'll always find yourself in the center of complex and far-reaching alterations of the human condition.

John H. Lienhard


16 Sep 2014
05 Sep 2014


"I could watch for hours," he said. "Every time a train ran by I'd watch the grass get pushed around." He paused and moved his finger across the table slowly and down the engraved leg. "We had picnics out there between the tracks-- there was this spot," here he licked his finger and let it wander through the air, "where you could see the track and the grass and behind it the sugar factory and its boarded up windows." He took a deep breath. "There were so many windows. Seemed like the building had just given up cause not one of those windows was whole!"
04 Sep 2014

No Faberge Eggs, Just Brass Balls

Aw snap!

An account in which Doug McIlroy displays his "old Unix hands" (you may need to refresh a few times to load):


It's a story about Donald Knuth, a pioneer of many many things, who writes a beautiful, yet simple program in (something like) Pascal. The source code of this program is absolutely breathtaking. Seriously: it's like reading bad Shakespeare (which is pretty dang good for Pascal). Anyway, McIlroy is asked to review Knuth's code and, after giving a few nice remarks, he unloads on Knuth and presents a six line Unix shell script to replace all 10+ pages of Knuth's Pascal. Brilliant.Read more...