Itsy Examples

Click on the canvases to start + stop each particle emitter. You should probably stop each particle emitter rather than running all three at once. 🙂 new thegoldenmule.particle.ParticleEmitter([ new thegoldenmule.particle.Acceleration(0, -0.09), new thegoldenmule.particle.Velocity(3 * Math.PI / 4, 5 * Math.PI / 4, 1, 1), new thegoldenmule.particle.Position(0, 0, 10), new thegoldenmule.particle.Lifetime(1000, 2000), new thegoldenmule.particle.EmissionRateFade(50, 0, 100), […]


Q&A: Unite Flash Day 2011

Flash developers have a rough reputation. Artist-turned-programmers run rampant in the Flash community, and they, unfortunately, have an extremely loud voice. I had the pleasure of sitting in a room with many of them while watching the magical  technical work of the Unity team at Unite Flash Day 2011. Basically, they explained that their awesome […]