On the yumminess of NSSet and her applications to javascript

NSSet and her sexy daughter, NSMutableSet are officially my two favorite Cocoa classes. They have reached previously unmeasured levels of exquisitude. Sure, they have their faults, like being finite (I was hoping to prove the continuum hypothesis with NSSet--that's a math joke), but what they lack in nonsensical mathematical jargon, they make up for in usefulitude. Enter Javascript. […]


An algorithm for suffix stripping...

Years ago when I programmed networking applications in Perl, I decided I had mastered regular expressions. I hadn't, of course, but when your code looks like you accidentally opened up a .dll in notepad, you have to believe in something. Anyway, I wrote something called a vector space search engine (a topic I will probably […]


Targeting SOSmax in HaXe

As boring as the title sounds (and it does sound boring), it's a worthwhile investment to get a good logging solution going on whatever platform you're developing on. I've been playing around with haXe lately and I discovered its trace() function to be severely lacking--that is, until I actually read the documentation (I'm a man, we […]